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Advances in cloud computing and mobile technology are enabling many businesses to save time and money by simplifying and automating essential business processes, and providing access to systems previously only available to larger organisations.

Instant, anywhere, anytime access to up-to-date business information provides smaller businesses with a level of control that can be key to their success.

Traditional accountancy services have focused on historical analysis and statutory reporting. Cloud computing enables progressive accountancy practices to take a more proactive role in supporting businesses to thrive in the digital age...


A New Way of Supporting Clients to Manage and Grow their Business

With a shared view of clients’ financial data, accountants are able to go beyond basic accounting and compliance, and into the realm of in-depth financial insight.

Using a deep analysis of data, both financial and non-financial, your accountant can act as a trusted business advisor.

Cloud-based forecasting and reporting software allows accountants to produce insightful and timely financial reports. These reports are great for board meetings, and providing investors and lenders with meaningful analysis.

A one-page performance dashboard can provide a quick and easy overview of the client’s business, bringing a sharp focus to key success metrics.

With a focus on cloud accounting, accountants can help clients to build and implement complete cloud-based business solutions, by integrating off-the-shelf and custom-built cloud applications that will bring improve the efficiency of overall business operations.

Benefits to the Client

Better information to make better decisions

With instant access to business information wherever and whenever needed, clients are able to maintain an up-to-date view of all key activities. They always know how they're doing, and can provide stakeholders with better information.

Cloud-based accounting and forecasting software enables quick and easy creation of cash flow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet forecasts in the cloud, and the evaluation of alternative scenarios. This helps make better decisions in order to move forward with confidence.

Integrated reporting software also allows the set up and monitoring of KPI’s or targets, and the forecasting of future trends. Making better decisions based on business intelligence helps businesses to achieve better results.

Maximise cash flow

Effective cash flow management comes down to maintaining good records, so a business can see historical trends, highlight risks and identify areas for improvement.

With secure access to the same information as the client, accountants can help them with cash flow forecasts, and proactively work with them to put appropriate plans in place.

Save time and money

Since the software runs in the cloud, there are no expensive up-front licence fees or upgrades to pay for, clients pay a small monthly fee to access the software for as long as they need it, and they can save time and money spent on purchasing and maintaining computers onsite.

Automating and integrating key business processes in the cloud, through off-the-shelf or custom-built business software can provide significant cost savings and efficiencies.

Reduce hassle and increase security

With data stored securely, and continually backed up, clients never have to worry again about losing data, using up their own hard-drive storage or taking regular backups.

All upgrades to the software are carried out at no extra cost, so clients are always on the latest version.

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