Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud?


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Our 3-Step Process




Cost Analysis and Inventory

Our first step is to look at what your current network consists of in hardware, licences, data, and applications. Next, we compile an IT cost assessment to reveal your total spend on IT, including Internet connectivity, support and other fees. Most business owners never really look at their entire IT costs this way and often this report alone is an eye-opener. We do this to find ways we can significantly lower those costs while simplifying and improving your workflow.

Health Check

We will perform an audit of your entire network to look for potential problems, security loopholes, spyware and other hidden problems that you might not know about. Often we find faulty backups, out-of-date anti-virus software, faulty firewalls and missing security patches that, if left unaddressed, could end up costing you MORE in new hardware, support, business downtime and data loss.

Cloud Action Plan

After we’ve looked at the above areas, we then look at how you and your employees work and share information and see what applications or processes we can safely move to the cloud to improve ease of use and, of course, lower costs. When complete, we’ll give you a Cloud Action Plan that shows you how we can save you money and resolve a number of work-arounds and problems you may have been experiencing.


*Limited Availability on a first-come, first-served basis