Technology Services

Get more out of your IT

Information Technology offers countless opportunities to maximise efficiency within your business operations, and therefore, save you time and money. When your business is operating efficiently, it gives you more time to market your business and increase sales.

Evaluation and implementation

We specialise in working collaboratively with clients to analyse their specific needs and to evaluate and implement IT solutions that meet their unique, evolving needs, and that deliver long-term, sustainable success and value. We bring proven experience in providing unbiased vendor and software evaluation and selection services to assist clients in selecting the appropriate vendors and IT solutions most suitable for their unique needs.

Deployment and integration of cloud-based software

Prior to the emergence of cloud computing, integration of computer systems to enable exchange of data was difficult to achieve. The advent of 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) applications has created a new kind of demand for cloud-based integration.

Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software.

We have carefully selected best-in-class cloud software applications to create seamlessly integrated business solutions.

E-commerce and mobile commerce

We can help you achieve a custom design for your e-commerce website according to your specifications. Our in-house design studio has a wealth of experience and an eye for what's on trend to help you combine design, user-friendliness and best e-commerce practices for professional results and a site that is unique to your company.

We provide everything you need to start off on the right track and achieve a successful e-commerce website. Our technical experts can help with customisation and optimisation when creating and managing your e-commerce website.

Mobile and tablet users represent significant, growing revenue sources. We can help you to extend and enhance the shopping experience offered to your customers by launching a mobile commerce channel for your business.

Web and mobile application development

Our straightforward, jargon-feee approach to designing and developing effective software will enable you to quickly deploy web-based and native mobile apps that will make your staff more productive and delight your customers.